We are England’s leading supplier and installer of Ground Screw Foundations.

Our high-quality ground screws have been developed to hold an optimum load and are galvanised to protect them from the elements, giving you a long-lasting solid foundation for your project, from full timber-frame buildings of any size to decking, fencing and much, much more.

We are known throughout the industry as the market leaders in the UK, with unparalleled levels of service and expertise.



Ground Screw Benefits

  • Save Time, Money and Effort
    Save yourself time, money and effort with the number one ground screw installation company in the UK.
  • Install All Year Round
    Unlike conventional concrete foundations, our ground screws can be installed all year round in all temperatures.
  • Full Guarantees for all work
    All our installations carry our 25 year no quibble product guarantee, giving you complete peace of mind.
  • No Damage or Mess
    Our system has been developed to minimise environmental impact and with no need for heavy machinery we have no access restrictions. In virtually all cases you will never know we’ve been – apart from the perfectly installed ground screws!

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No damage to grass, tarmac or paving

When we put in ground screws, you avoid having your lawn or paving dug up to cast or put in a concrete foundation. If, for example, you have cobblestones, we just lift out the stone where the screw is to sit and drill there. We can even put a screw straight through an existing wooden deck or through tarmac using our core drilling system. This naturally saves a great deal of time and money. Not having to cast footings also means that installation work can begin as soon as the screws are in place. We can even put in ground screws in winter.


A Multitude of Sizes and Attachments

Our screws have been especially developed to cope with the Nordic climate. We have several basic models available in various lengths and sizes, depending on what needs to be installed, the load requirements for the project and the ground conditions where the screws are to be installed.

All the screws meet or exceed – ISO 630Fe360A and surface galvanised to DIN EN ISO 1461.

Adapter Screws

These screws have a mounting plate that can be adjusted sidewards and are therefore suitable for structures requiring a great deal of accuracy. The screws are from 865 mm to 2000 mm in length.

Pipe Screws

Used for installing steel pipes inside the screws. The steel pipe is fixed using four bolts. The solution is used, for example, for installing traffic signs, parking bollards, wastepaper baskets, park benches, etc. Available in 67.5 mm, 76.5 mm and 89 mm widths, and 865 and 1200 mm lengths.

Post Screws

Used for installing posts for fences, carports, barriers, etc. The screw head is available in 70 and 95 mm widths. Post screws are available in 935 mm and 1200 mm lengths.

Our adaptors: smart solutions for various purposes

In addition to our screws there are a number of adaptors for various types of special installation.

With their help, our screws can also be used e.g. when building and installing:

  • Flagpoles
  • Noise barriers
  • Construction site fences
  • Playground equipment

The following applications are also available for adapter screws:

  • Beam attachment, 70, 100 & 150 mm
  • Post attachment, 7, 100 & 150mm mm
  • Plate, 150×150 & 200×200 mm
  • Universal Plate, our own patented adapter bracket, ensuring millimetre accuracy through all axis
  • Bespoke attachment manufacturing


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