No damage to grass, tarmac or paving

When we put in ground screws, you avoid having your lawn or paving dug up to cast or put in a concrete foundation. If, for example, you have cobblestones, we just lift out the stone where the screw is to sit and drill there. We can even put a screw straight through an existing wooden deck or through tarmac using our core drilling system. This naturally saves a great deal of time and money. Not having to cast footings also means that installation work can begin as soon as the screws are in place. We can even put in ground screws in winter.

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Tried and Tested

We offer a large variety of different screw types and lengths to ensure we can all manor of projects. Listed values of load capacity for Bayo - S ground screws were determined in the soil type: semisolid loam. Values are reduced by a safety factor of 35%.

Our Screws


The Techlar line offers a basic, yet superior, solution to the everyday ground screw. With variable different adapters and uses, this variety of new and expanding screw is aimed at helping smaller projects and the domestic market. 

First Base

First Base ground screws currently range from 800mm to 2000mm in length with up to 70kN of loading capability! This impressive variety of foundation offers multiple different fixed flange heads with a captive M16 nut to allow for attachment of adapters with infinite possibilities. A sound choice for larger projects and the professional user.


BAYO – S are an internationally recognized ground screw supplier with partners across Europe, Canada and North America. Again offering a variety of fixed head screws, they also have a range of extendable ground screws with various types of attachments and adapters to overcome any potential issues. A problem solver for both domestic and professional clients alike. 


Our adaptors:
smart solutions for various purposes

In addition to our screws there are a number of adaptors for various types of special installation.

With their help, our screws can also be used e.g. when building and installing:

  • Flagpoles
  • Noise barriers
  • Construction site fences
  • Playground equipment

The following applications are also available for adapter screws:

  • Beam attachment, 70 mm
  • Post attachment, 70 mm
  • Plate, 150×150 & 200×200 mm
  • Bespoke attachment manufacturing